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The Start:

I was worried about my own boy going into middle school: the large classes, the language in the hallways, inappropriate things happening in the bathrooms, fear of gun violence in the schools, misuse of cellphones, etc.  I didn't want popular trends and the media dictating what my child learned.  I wanted him to develop life skills.

Public education is great, but it does not fit everyone.  My son was one of these children that was not fitting into the mold.  He needed something different.  He needed more small group time and more personalized learning. He needed something tailored to him.  Then I realized that there are other kids out there that are not fitting into the public school mold either.  Maybe others parents wanted a different tailor to help their child succeed in school!

The Creation:

I decided to see if there was anyone else in the community that wanted something different for their child.  I did a lot of research, talked to a lot of people, and found some people that had the same dream for their child as I did.

Together we created this school.  Together the teachers, the parents, and the students have helped decide what meaningful education means. We have created a school with teachers that have degrees in teaching, and are focused on fighting the things that are becoming "popular".  We want to reach students where they are and push them to new levels. We want to build money, technology, and entrepreneurial skills that are not focused on in the public schools. We created Vernal Liberty Middle School!

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