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While we do not focus on religion at our school, it is welcome.  As I was researching what curriculum to use, a lot of the homeschooling curriculums are Christ centered.

As I started looking into different curricula, I kept coming back to The Good and the Beautiful (TGTB).  It combines art, culture, cooking, geography, and English Language Arts (ELA) all into one book.  As I started using this cross curriculum methodology, with my own child, it captured his attention, and made learning more accessible to him.

All of their math and ELA books are free to download.  We encourage you to look into this curriculum as this is our main source, and everything else supplements this.

We will be using TGTB for ELA, Math, Science, and History.

Main Curriculum

Other Curricula


We will also be using a program called Typesy to help the kids with their typing fluency.

We have also fallen in love with the Tuttle Twin books.  They teach about entrepreneurship, the golden rule, inflation, liberty, and other tools for success.  The author has created books for early readers, teenagers, and a history book for middle school age kids.  They also have an economics program that we will be using to help build knowledge and skills of how business works.

We will also have a class for life skills such as cooking, woodworking, and sports.


The state requires that we be able to show them that our students are achieving at high level.  We would require each child to create their own personal website which they will update each week with the things they are learning in school.  It will be linked on here, and will be public, which will up their motivation to make a nice website, and put their best foot forward.

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