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Tentative Schedule

We really want to help students progress from wherever they are in their education. This plan is for a 4 day week.  TGTB curriculums can be completed in 120 days, our students will be in school 143 day giving us time for field trips, and class parties. Fridays can be used for the kids to get their website caught up, and giving you more time as a family.  (Note, times are not set, and will not be set until we know what VMS's schedule looks like, but I'm open to ideas of when we think it should start and end)

Click here to see the full year 1 pacing guide
(Still being tweaked, but you can get an idea)

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Printable Calendars

Year 2024-25

Year 2025-26

Year 1

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Year 4 Vision
Economic Focus (In Progress)

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