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Field Trips

We are hoping to reward the students for their hard work by doing monthly field trips.  We would love to use this as a motivation for students to work their hardest and are interested in what parents think this should look like.  It could be a reward for those students who have As and Bs in all their classes.  It could be for those who have no  missing assignments.  Maybe there is a special one at the end of the year that these requirements can apply to.  We'd love to hear from you and get ideas of what you'd like this to look like!  These will be held on Thursdays and will replace any small group instruction and Life Skills instruction.  We will still have our normal math, language arts, and history/science lesson for the day. Parent help will be needed on these days for transportation purposes.  Please be looking for those sign ups!

Wall of bones

We will take the students on a field trip to "The Wall of Bones" in Dinosaur National Monument.  We will learn more about fossils, and do the hike that will lead us back down the the visitors center.

Dinosaur Museum

We will continue our learning of fossils by going to the Dinosaur museum.  We will also learn more about the Native Americans that lived here before it was colonized.


We will review and work on Newton's laws and see them in action as we watch stationary pins tumble when hit by a moving object.

Josie's Cabin

We will head to the Dinosaur National Monument once again to learn more about life in the pioneer time.  What do people need to survive, and what has man done to make survival easier.  We'll also take a hike and enjoy the nature all around.

Laser Tag and Mini Golf

We will relax and enjoy one another's company as we enjoy a round of laser tag and mini golf at Black Lights Ignite.

Movie Day

Let's go to the movies!  We'll enjoy one another's company as we learn to enjoy uplifting movies at the movie theater!

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