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How will my kids get to school?

For the first year (2024-2025) we will be picking up kids up from Discovery and Vernal Middle School (VMS).  School will be held in Mrs. Lewis' personal home.  Any kids that have Spanish classes at VMS, we will transport them to and from VMS so they can continue their education and progress with the Spanish Language. Other kids will be taught a course of their choosing!

In the second year, I'm hoping to be located near the middle of town so that dropping kids off can easily be done going about your daily tasks.  We would like to be close to VMS so that the students can walk easily to VMS for their Spanish class.

How many kids will be in the school?

Because the school will be run out of a personal home for the first year, the county will only allow 10 students. 

Each year after this we are hoping to accept 15-20 more students.

By the time the school is fully running, we will have between 45-60 students, 3 teachers, and a teacher aide.

What will school lunch look like?

School lunch will be home lunch on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. (We will have extra bread, peanut butter, and jelly for forgetful students).

On Thursday, we are hoping to have a "family meal".  A few different students each week will plan and budget a meal.  If possible they will go shopping for the meal, and on Thursday they will cook the meal for the rest of the school.

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